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Nick Parry’s personal chiro story

 Nick Parry MChiro BSc - Advanced ABC™ Certification Level 2 - ABC™ EndoNasal Cranial CorrectionIt all started with a bothersome knee. I’d been training to run the London Marathon and was up to 20 miles in training. A week before the event, far from home, a nagging knee pain just got worse. I walked back home and cancelled my entry into the marathon. Yes, it is far too long to run for any sensible person – but the difficulties with my knee continued and lead to chiropractic. I found out that my knee problems really came about because my pelvis was twisted- so forces moving through the whole leg were misplaced, leaving me susceptible to injury and pain.

When other therapeutic interventions didn’t help, I went to a chiropractor and was fixed and there my fascination with Chiropractic began. My first career was in residential social care for the elderly and those with learning disabilities. I always wanted to stay on the front line with the people who really needed it and enjoyed the 1-2-1 contact.

Work History

On the way to becoming a Chiropractor in 2014.  I became a professional massage therapist and worked hand-in-hand with Physiotherapists in a private hospital for 5 years.

Prior to coming to Gloucester, I worked as a Chiropractor in Hertfordshire and Surrey for 2 years. I have constantly sought to widen my knowledge of structural healthcare all the while. Limitations in other techniques have led me to Advanced Biostructural Correction™. It has been such a pleasure to find a reliable and revolutionary form of Chiropractic Care that, not only really works, but gives visible results right from the first treatment.


For the last 15 years, I’ve kept bees and regularly harvest the lovely honey. When I moved to Gloucester in January 2017. The Bees came with me and are enjoying their new surrounding on one of my patient’s organic farm.

I still enjoy running 10 miles twice a week and no longer have a bothersome knee!

Hello! From Liz Richards and Nick Parry

Liz The Chiropractor - Chiropractic Gloucester   As Fully qualified chiropractors, Liz and Nick are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and are members of the British and United Chiropractic Associations.

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