Liz The Chiropractor
Agriculture House
Greville Cl.
Gloucester, GL2 9RG

Easy access from Cheltenham, Gloucester, and surrounding areas and ample free parking



  • Head forward and chin down
  • Shoulders forward
  • Chest caved in
  • Slumped over from the ribs
  • Hips forward
  • Arms hanging forward at an angle from the forward shoulders


  • Head in neutral chin up
  • Body more upright and he is taller
  • Shoulder farther back
  • Chest expanded
  • No slumping under the rib cage
  • Hips in neutral
  • Arms hag directly vertical because the shoulders are back

I came to see Liz because I noticed my upper back was hunched over and my wife was worried about this. However, I had back pain whilst playing table tennis, so much so, I had to cut the season short this year, so I thought it would be a good idea to seek treatment. After a few sessions my pain has mostly gone, and I can now play table tennis without worrying. I am also more upright. I would definitely recommend Liz

Andy Taylor - 2017