Chiropractic Treatment Techniques

An overview to the different Chiropractic Techniques available from Liz at her new Gloucester Clinic

Liz’s new Chiropractic clinic in Gloucester is an ideal place for Chiropractic treatment. Below are some of the techniques Liz uses;

Acupuncture / dry needling: An Acupuncture needle is inserted into a trigger point (knot in the muscle fibre) to help it release. These trigger points can be very painful and massaging them in particular can be quite unbearable for some people. I find using dry needling (even for those frightened of needles) is actually very pleasant in comparison! Quite often you don’t feel anything.

Chiropractic Adjustment / manipulation: This is when a joint in the spine or extremity (limb) is manipulated in such a way it can make a “popping” sound, when air is released out of the joint space.

CLRT: cranial lazer reflex technique. This is a very gentle technique using a low level lazer on specific reflex points on the skull that are related to different bones, joints and muscles in the body. It’s amazingly effective, painless to do and especially good for shoulder and neck pain. It also works well for back pain and joint pain. Another great technique if you prefer the more gentle approach.

Flexion Distraction: This is where the Chiropractic table moves up and down in such a way as to gently traction your spine. It’s great to treat people with disc herniations (slipped disc) and also for elderly patients who  need a more gentle approach.

Low Level Lazer: This can be used for ligament sprains and does not hurt at all. In fact you can’t feel a thing!

SOT: Sacro Occipital Technique: A very gentle technique using pelvic blocks and various stretches. It’s very effective and is suitable for pregnant ladies, elderly and those who prefer the gentle approach.

Thompson Drop Technique: A chiropractic technique whereby my chiropractic bench makes all the noises and not your joints! The Chiropractic bench moves to gently treat you. It’s gentle and works well for those who don’t want to have your bones clicked or popped!

Ultrasound: Ultrasound works well to help relieve pain and inflammation and tissue damage.

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