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Posture Right Chiropractors Success Stories Shoulder Pain Garry Lewis


  • Body leaning forward
  • Head forward
  • Shoulders forward
  • Arms forward
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Sunken chest


  • Body straight
  • Head back
  • Shoulders back
  • Arms back
  • Open, expanded chest- easier breathing
  • Shoulders less rounded

I felt awful, my body hurt from top to bottom, my back, left elbow, right shoulder and more. I couldn’t get my right arm behind my back. I had no strength and I couldn’t move anything bulky or heavy. After going to this chiropractic, I can now use my right arm after not being able to use it for 20 years due to my shoulder problem. I can now wash my back for the first time in years! I feel better generally, and my life feels more tolerable. I would recommend coming to this chiropractic to others.

Garry Lewis - 2018