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Posture Right Chiropractors Success Stories Back Pain Jo Matthews


  • Head forward and down, neck is short
  • Shoulders forward
  • Upper back very rounded
  • Slumped under the rib cage
  • Arms hang forward
  • Feet apart to give her more balance whilst standing


  • Head back and in neutral, chin level and longer neck
  • Shoulder farther back
  • Upper back much less rounded
  • Chest lifted and no longer slumped under the rib cage, so she looks thinner
  • Arms hanging straight down
  • Feet closer together as nicely balanced now

My back was very painful, this made doing anything hard work. Since treatment with Liz, my pain has gone. I am now able to do most things and I sleep better now I have my new pillow which Liz recommended.

Jo Matthews  - 2018