Chiropractic Treatment Stages

Below we show the three main chiropractic treatment stages we follow when you have treatment from one of our chiropractors at our Gloucester clinic.

Stage 1: relief care

  • Our intention is to reduce your pain and improve your mobility.
  • You may be advised on moderate rest and the use of an icepack to control inflammation
  • You may be given appropriate mobility exercises to help with your condition
  • You may not feel immediate improvement (although many people do).
  • You should see significant changes within a few treatments.
  • At the end of this stage you will be re examined and your condition and your progress will be reviewed.

Stage 2: restorative care

  • Our intention is to restore normal function and strength to your joints, muscles and nervous system.
  • You will find that you can do much more without experiencing pain
  • You will be gradually returning to normal daily activities such as work, house work, sports and exercise.
  • You will be given some simple and effective exercises and often be encouraged join a Pilates class, your local gym or to swim or walk as exercise.
  • You will need less treatment now that you are starting to take control and we will reduce the frequency of your visits.
  • At the end of this stage you will be re examined and your condition and your progress will be reviewed. Maintenance care may or may not be advised.

Stage 3: maintenance care

  • Our intention is to maintain your body to be fit for your  life.
  • ie: Now that we have spent time and effort getting your body stronger, more flexible and working better, it makes sense to ensure we keep it that way.
  • Treatments will now be quite infrequent depending on the demand of your job, sports and other activities place on your body. This can be as little as once a year or as much as once a month.
  • Generally, the more good habits you develop in terms of exercise and posture – the less treatment you will need.
  • The focus of your visits will be an overall check to make sure everything is working as it should and adjusting the things that aren’t so they don’t develop into problems later on.
  • You will also be given continued advice on how you can help yourself.

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Liz The Chiropractor - Chiropractic Gloucester   As Fully qualified chiropractors, Liz and Nick are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and are members of the British and United Chiropractic Associations.

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